Our members give us great feedback every day about our free healthy recipes menu and grocery list planning service and how it has helped them feed their families. We strive to inspire other Moms (and Dads) to prepare more family dinners by offering a variety of simple, healthy and delicious meals. We hope you read some of our member testimonials on online healthy recipes and get a feel for what we are all about and how we can help you simplify the process of planning, shopping, and preparing family dinners.

“Every night there is something new on the table and they have all turned out delicious. Not to mention, all of the online free recipes have been really easy to prepare.”
Frank P.

“Let me first just say that every week (and I do mean every single week) I use at least 2 or 3 of your recipes to get me through. Thank you! You have truly been lifesavers when it comes to cooking for my family of 4. I am able to provide good meals every day of the week thanks to your weekly emails. I appreciate it (and so do my boys - especially my husband who was getting tired of the same old recipes)! From a mother of two who loves your recipes and now loves your blog, thank you! You are doing a FANTASTIC JOB!”
Paige C.

“Love the service...for the first time ever my grocery list took about 5 minutes to complete. Thanks so much for the recipes! We loved the Chicken Parmesan!”
Tracey W.

“The food is great and my better half has become energized about cooking. She is no slacker, but it’s hard to pull off cooking good food when you are at the ball park 4 to 5 days a week. Thanks from our whole family.”
Kirk A.

“Recipes are great!! The crab soup was AMAZING - my son (2 1/2) had 3 bowls for dinner and 2 the next day for lunch. Wow!”
Kristin S.

“I love the recipes. I have made the vodka rigatoni twice now!! Flank steak is great, tilapia was great. So glad I did this. What a great idea!! Best plan ever!!”
Karen M.

“I love the recipes and the grocery list and the Ukrop’s coupon. You guys are really filling a need for us moms!! THANKS!!”
Lisa M.

“I tried my first recipe from your site last night. It was the Balsamic Pork Tenderloin and it was fantastic. I am going to join your ‘club‘ and am looking forward to many more simple delicious entrees in the future. This venture was a great idea.”
Marie W.

“I have now had two dinner parties with recipes from your website and they were all a hit. I especially like the Balsamic Pork Tenderloin with onions and raisins. DELICIOUS. Keep up the good work and keep those yummy recipes coming!”
Carrie M.

“We are very pleased. My husband is especially happy because he was so tired of the same recipes over and over again. I do believe your service will make me look like a ‘star‘ wife!”
Debbie W.

“Your commitment to families and nutrition benefits many, and I am happy to have more families join that club!! Keep up the good work!”
Gayle S., M.D.

“This is my third week using your recipes and grocery list and I love it. My family adored the easy enchilada recipe and the turkey chili was delicious. My absolute favorite was the pork loin with the balsamic and golden raisins. Your service is invaluable and has really made it fun to think about what is for dinner. Thank you so much!”
Judy B.

“With the meal planning and printable grocery list, You’ve Got Supper has given me the gift of time.”
Kathleen R.

“My spouse said about one of our very first dinners from You’ve Got Supper “ ‘That’s the best meal we’ve had in 15 years of marriage.’ ”
Wendy W.

“With the help of You’ve Got Supper, I am cooking more dinners for my family and eating out less.”
Leslie P.

“The weekly email is so simple to use and the recipes are a big hit with the family.”
Mark T.

“I love the clever notes and quick tips on the recipe pages and the grocery list leaves plenty of room to add the rest of my ingredients for the week.”
Pam R.

“Thanks for helping me get rid of the headache of planning out my family dinners. I love having a little extra time to myself on Sundays.”
Karen C.

“As a new mother, vegetarian, wife of a carnivore and inexperienced cook, I find dinner time to be very challenging. I was thrilled with how easy it was to shop for and prepare meals that I was proud to serve. And my husband was even happier!”
Sarah P.

“Everything is truly yummy! These are just the kind of recipes my husband and I enjoy trying out-with garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs, marinated meats, yum! Even the kids have really enjoyed most everything and have stepped outside their comfort zone more than I thought they would! The process is so convenient - I like how you select the dishes you're interested in and it creates a grocery list for you...that is so helpful! I think I'm going to love this!!”
Virginia G.

“Thanks so much for coming up with this - it has made my life much tastier.”
Shahwar Q.

“I’ve been receiving your recipes for over a year now and have absolutely loved them! During this time, I’'ve gone from an at-home-mom to a full-time working mother. It’s definitely streamlined my whole food prep process and made life easier.”
Lisa M.

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